Jul 26, 2012

Baroue Store - FAIL

Baroue video games store (the Avenues)

Last year I was looking to buy the xbox360, so I checked most of the giant providers here in Kuwait, but finally purchased one from the Baroue video games store at the Avenues.

Why that particular store? Because the sales guy was very convincing that the American version of the console was the best! so I got the damn thing with the stupid huge transformer (its American so it needed a special thingy to transform the Kuwaiti volt to American volt)

My issue!
The only nice person you could interact with is the Palestinian, could be Lebanese, could be Syrian guy at the store (he is just that one Arab guy), very nice person, very informative, and very convincing - to me
other than that, everybody else is plain rude! any inquiry is considered rubbish and somehow they treat you as if they're superior and of excellence -based on two bad experiences!

Since I was buying under the name of Baroue, I thought I was dealing with the best of the best, turns out that their just a video game store based in Hawalli Rehab, just renting under Baroue.

I don't mean to be this rude, but I'm really frustrated! I did my research before my purchase and something like this info "Hawali Rehab service quality" would have at least lowered my expectations of "basic" service recovery and customer service in the first place.

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Mar 25, 2012

Fact and photo

The concept of the site, is to get your most valuable personal info. (your email) and add it to a database of a guaranteed daily spam! BUT good daily spam!
You get a picture and a small fact to go with it! This way you get to learn something new everyday, pretty awesome I must say! Haha it rhymes -,-

This is how pineapples grow

Cheers, @saraalsaleh

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Mar 15, 2012

Go Mardid Goooooooooooo

Teamy El 3azez to the Quarter Finals, yuuppppyyyyy      
So yesterday was the last two games to complete the lineup for the UEFA Champions League 2012 quarter-final. My dearest team ever Real Madrid had a great victory 4-1 and the best part is that Benzema is back and scored from the first touch :)
The teams who made it are:

AC Milan (ITA):
Last QF: 2006/07 (won 4-2 v FC Bayern München), Top scorer: Zlatan Ibrahimović (5). Will support if not against Real Madrid :)

APOEL FC (CYP): Last QF: N/A, Top scorer: Gustavo Manduca (3). Will support, 7aram it won’t be easy on them plus my boss is Cypriot and I like him.

Chelsea FC (ENG): Last QF: 2010/11 (lost 3-1 v Manchester United FC), Top scorer: Didier Drogba (4). Don’t care and not a fan, but sorry for GLORY, GLORY MAN UNITED :(

FC Barcelona (ESP): Last QF: 2010/11 (won 6-1 v FC Shakhtar Donetsk),Top scorer: Lionel Messi (12). Like you Messi but NO COMMENT!

FC Bayern München (GER): Last QF: 2009/10 (won 4-4 on away goals v Manchester United FC),Top scorer: Mario Gomez (10). Have to support bcoz of my hubby but plz not against Real Madrid

Olympique de Marseille (FRA):Last QF: 1990/91 (won 2-1 v AC Milan),Top scorer: André Ayew (4). Also don’t care

Real Madrid CF (ESP)Last QF: 2010/11 (won 5-0 v Tottenham Hotspur FC)Top scorer: Cristiano Ronaldo (6). GOOOOOOOOOOO MADRID GOOOOOOOOO

SL Benfica (POR):Last QF: 2005/06 (lost 2-0 v FC Barcelona),Top scorer: Óscar Cardozo (4). No idea how good they are.

Now everybody is excited to know the draw results for the quarter and semi final games. My anticipation and high hopes would be:

·         Real Madrid vs. Apoel FC (want them to win with the least effort)
·         FC Bayern Munchen vs. SL Benfica (easier than the other teams for Munchen)
·         Chelsea FC vs. Olympique de Marseille (Don’t care)
·         AC Milan vs. FC Barcelona (either of them out will make it easier for Real)

Then the semi-final should look like:

·         Real Madrid vs. Chelsea FC
·         FC Bayern Munchen vs. AC Milan (or the Messi team)

And on Saturday 19 May at the Fußball Arena München to host Read Madrid and FC Bayern Munchen. Wo tab3an “the winner is: REAL MADRIDDDDDDD”, BUT WAIT, based on the fact that the final is in  Munch, I really don’t want Bayern to take the advantage of playing on their field, SO let’s Change the final scenario to:

THE FINAL: Read Madrid vs AC Milan, and the winner will always be MADRIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

Remind me why I’m watching FOOTBALL???

Source: UEFA.com
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